JSP Interview Questions With Answers 2023 [Top 10 Interview Question]

JSP interview Questions with Answers

JSP Interview Questions With Answers: JSP (Java Server Pages) is a technology used for creating dynamic web pages in Java. It allows developers to embed Java code into HTML pages, making it easier to create web applications that generate dynamic content. JSP pages are compiled into Java Servlets, which are Java classes that run on … Read more

Difference Between JSP and Servlets

Difference Between JSP and Servlets: JSP (Java Server Pages) and Servlets are both technologies used for building dynamic web applications using the Java programming language. However, there are some differences between them: Difference Between JSP and Servlets In summary, while Servlets and JSPs are used together to create dynamic web applications, they have different roles … Read more

JSP interview Questions and Answers for Freshers[10]

JSP interview Questions and answers for Freshers

JSP interview questions and answers for freshers: 1. What is JSP? Ans. JSP stands for JavaServer Pages. It is a technology that allows developers to create dynamic, server-side web pages using Java. 2. What are the advantages of using JSP? Ans. Some advantages of using JSP are: it allows for the separation of business logic … Read more

What is the difference between return and return value?

difference between return and return value: – Sr No. return return value 1 It can be used only inside void methods. It can be used only inside not a void method. 2 It is optional to use. inside not a void method “return value keyword” is mandatory. 3 It returns control to the method calling … Read more