Servlet life cycle in java Explain it?

Servlet life cycle in java

Servlet life cycle in java: A Servlet is a Java class that runs on a web server and is responsible for handling client requests and generating responses. The life cycle of a Servlet is a sequence of stages that start with its initialization and end with its destruction. Servlet Initialization: When a Servlet is first … Read more

Top 10 servlet interview questions with Answers

Servlet Interview questions with answers

top 10 servlet interview questions with Answers: Here are 10 potential interview questions for a candidate applying for a role that requires knowledge of Servlets: These questions are just a starting point, and the interviewer may ask follow-up questions based on the candidate’s responses. The candidate’s answers will provide insight into their knowledge of Servlets … Read more

What is the difference between doGet and doPost in servlet?

difference between doGet() and doPost(): In Java servlets, doGet() and doPost() are two methods that handle HTTP GET and POST requests, respectively. The main difference between the two methods is the type of request they handle and how the data is transmitted. doGet() is used to handle HTTP GET requests, which are typically used to … Read more